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Isnin, 17 Oktober 2011


Salam satu malaysia.oh today tottaly demam truk dibuatnya.terbatuk2 dlm class(bronchitis).Mmg x dpt dinafikan after couple of week,stay at ward......
Rasa mmg mcm da kena infected by an agent but do no yet,juz expect whatt iam felt..hahaa..rasa mcm mmg da ada  hidden clinical sign before it shows off!..oh tuhan.
Hopefully,dis week is most value week n is a recovery week before cuti sem.p/s=nk sambut cuti sem dlm kedaan sihat walafiat.
I have an event on dis week where my cousin get tunang on dis sunday at kajang. So,my parents will come and more or less i need to stay college until sunday,den ,i will go home with my parents.

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